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You will know that Neal Puckett was on the Peter Boyles radio show yesterday.  The show continued today with Gen Valleley as the guest.  This was (is?) a defense witness whose presence was litigated at the Article 39(a), UCMJ, session. According to Gen Valleley the court-martial process is corrupt, Military Judge Lind and the generals […]

Here is a new piece of information from wing nut daily: Lieutenant Colonel Terrence Lakin, a distinguished Army flight surgeon, is "certain" to be convicted of disobeying orders, according to his lawyer, Neil Puckett. Notice he does not apparently address the missing movement.  Maybe the “specific” movement issue is a winner?  See below. "Based on […]

A thought as we get closer to trial.  As the Greeley Gazette article and the current postings at such places as PostandEmail, safeguardourconstitution, and wing nut daily, demonstrate there is a great deal of criticism about Judge Lind.  Some of that criticism has been harsh and excessive.  Other than a statement from LTC Lakin’s lawyer […]

Norbrook has a good piece here on Blue Wave News about Conscience and Duty.  Worth a read. And TPMMuckraker has this piece. In the lead-up to the court martial, the American Patriot Foundation, the group that set up his legal defense fund, launched "Terry Lakin Action Week," and invoked Nuremberg to argue Lakin’s case[.]

The APF has launched it’s new campaign – Terry Lakin Action Week — to persuade members of Congress to get involved in establishing a new concept, that military officers may refuse duty at their whim. With Congress back for the "lame duck" session we are urging Terry’s advocates to make calls to Capitol Hill- and […]

Thanks to a jab from RealityCheck.  Let’s parse the current defense information release from LTC Lakin’s defense counsel. His previous civilian attorney complicated his case and is partially responsible for two of these charges by advising LTC Lakin to refuse to report to his superior officer. I posted a while back about the TMLUTB defense.  […]

World Net Daily quotes Neal Puckett as follows: He confirmed to WND that there will be new directions for the defense, but could not elaborate. "All I can really say is the case is going to be handled differently from here on out," he said. He said "all possible courses of action" will be reviewed […]

It appears that LTC Lakin may be feeling victimized?  safeguardourconstitution reports: In facing court-martial, LTC Lakin is just the latest victim of the determined effort of the President not to provide simple proof of his eligibility under the constitution to hold office. Thanks Dr. Conspiracy for catching that.

I happened to have business at MDW today so I stopped by to take LTC Lakin’s pulse for his upcoming court-martial and watch today’s Article 39(a), UCMJ, session. The writ was denied today.  A straight line standard denial [thanks to CAAFLog for a copy]. 1.  Mr. Jensen was excused from further participation in the case […]

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