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Here is an advert for “Officer’s Oath” to be published by LTC Lakin in concert with Jack Cashill.  I found this to be a curious assertion. [T]he handful of Terry’s detractors have been dwarfed by the mountain of supporters. Not all agree with his methods, but none have faulted his commitment to the Constitution, the […]

Yes, I know we’re all tired about hearing of this case, but: Washington Wire reports: The White House today posted on its blog a copy of President Barack Obama’slong form birth certificate from the State of Hawaii, along with copies of an April 22, 2011 letter from Mr. Obama’s lawyer requesting that the Hawaii State […]

The Greeley Gazette reports that LTC Lakin will be released to appellate leave on Saturday, 14 May 2011.  Apparently he will arrive at BWI. Those desiring to greet Lakin at the airport are asked to pre-register with the action fund website. This will help them provide approximate counts to airport security teams.

We finished around 1700 with the last government witness.  Looks like the government will rest in the AM. Dwight will be blogging a little later and we’ll be on RealityCheck radio at 2100. Remember this phrase, “You have had your chance.” Suffice it to say that LTC Lakin got through a tortuous providency inquiry on […]

LtGen McInerney predicats that the Republican Congress will investigate the case if LTC Lakin is convicted.   More at Wild Nut Daily. McInerny admits he would have probably given different advice.  His point being that the Army would not allow him to be tried fairly. Question, what would McInerny have done if he were GCMCA […]

There is an increasing disconnect between the “birther” movement and LTC Lakin’s case.  Hopefully that “wishy washy” attorney representing him will make that clear when pleading for mercy. The Post&Email has been following LTC Lakin and most of the other presidential eligibility cases.  Recently they ran a piece about some “demonstrations” in Arizona in favor […]

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