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I happened to have business at MDW today so I stopped by to take LTC Lakin’s pulse for his upcoming court-martial and watch today’s Article 39(a), UCMJ, session.

The writ was denied today.  A straight line standard denial [thanks to CAAFLog for a copy].

1.  Mr. Jensen was excused from further participation in the case at the specific affirmative consent of LTC Lakin, because he’d been “discharged.”  See R.C.M. 506(c).

safeguardourconstitution has this item:

Next court event:
Wednesday, October 13
at Ft McNair- 12:00 pm

Wednesday’s court appearance will address LTC Lakin’s change of counsel and should be only a brief session. Fort McNair is located at 4th and P streets, SW, near the Waterfront/Marina. Some landmarks are the Waterfront Metro, the EPA building at Waterside Mall, Arena Stage. Use the P Street Entrance to enter the installation.

The spinning has begun, and yes there’s a pun in there, or at least an attempted one.  Based on cherry-picked comments from a number of Lakin supporters it appears that all of this is merely the military judge saving the President “embarrassment.”  They are grasping at a straw as a way to explain a complete and utter refutation of what they have been trying to incorrectly advertize as the state of military law, assuming they were present.  Some comments about the military judge as an individual have become so personal, so obnoxious, and downright nasty that I have decided to remove or not post such comments.  Yes, this is a change from my normal attitude of let what’s said be said and the sayer  and his/her worth as a person be evaluated.


I was present for the “40 minute” reading of her written findings and conclusions.  These written findings and conclusions are now part of the record of trial, and are also now available to Jensen, LTC Lakin, and the prosecutors.  Perhaps APF could post the findings so we can see just how badly the military judge ruled – APF let’s get those wrong headed arguments of the judge out in the open where the full text can be read and dissected?

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