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Here courtesy of Obama Conspiracy Theories is the Congressional Research Service legal opinion on, well . . .  . . . ..

Members of Congress Memo–What to Tell Your Constituents in Answer to Obama Eligibility Questions

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  1. nc1 says:

    Obama’s birth certificate contains a factual error: The registration number 10645 is not compatible with the Date Filed (August 8, 1961).

    How do we know it – by comparison with a legitimate LONG form birth certificate from Hawaii. Honolulu Advertiser has published such documents for Nordyke twins. They were born at the Kapiolani Hospital on August 5, 1961 one day after Obama’s birth.

    Interesting thing about Nordyke certificates is the fact that they were signed by the physician at Kapiolani and processed at Hawaii DoH (assigned numbers 10637 and 10638) on the same day (August 11, 1961).

    Kapiolani sent their birth registrations to DoH on a weekly basis. Obama’s birth certificate should have been sent to DoH at the same time as other certificates for that week (on August 11).

    Obama’s registration number is higher than Nordykes’, therefore it could not have been assigned prior to August 11, yet the Date Filed on the document shown by Fact Check says August 8.

    It is impossible that Obama’s birth certificate originated at Kapiolani. If it did, the Date Filed field would have shown the date August 11, 1961.

  2. roald says:

    nc1 – stick with Bad Fiction or the Obama Conspiracy Theories sites. As they have pointed out, you assume that the certificates were processed in no-less-than-daily batches, an assumption not in evidence.

  3. Reality Check says:


    How many times are you going to post this? Next time you better take a another look at Obama’s birth certificate registration number. You got it wrong.

  4. nc1 says:


    Janice Okubo said that birth certificates were sent to the DoH office on weekly basis. She also mentioned that numbers were assigned by the DoH office. I learned these two facts on Dr. Conspiracy web site – he could be described as anything but a birther.

    Even if birth certificates were sent on less than weekly basis to the DoH office, that would not help much to Obama supporters. You would still have to explain how a birth certificate processed three days earlier had a higher number than Nordyke certificates.

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