LTC Lakin sitrep

World Net Daily quotes Neal Puckett as follows:

He confirmed to WND that there will be new directions for the defense, but could not elaborate.

"All I can really say is the case is going to be handled differently from here on out," he said.

He said "all possible courses of action" will be reviewed within the military justice system.

Puckett confirmed that the judge in the case, Denise Lind, "rendered the proper legal ruling" regarding access to Obama’s birth and eligibility evidence.

"She was right on the facts and right on the law," he told WND.

He hinted about his plan of defense.

"All those issues concerning the president’s eligibility to hold office are completely irrelevant as to whether Lt. Col. Lakin was issued lawful orders and whether he obeyed them," he said.

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6 responses to “LTC Lakin sitrep”

  1. Ama Goste says:

    Can you spell “plea?”

  2. SueDB says:

    Well, he’s going from being “kidnapped by K-Mart” to “I shuddent ‘ta done it”. Or, as they say, Instead of refusing to jump when the man said jump, now it just may be a matter of how high?

    Bartains, Bargains galore at the Military Justice Bizarre Bazaar…Get your plea here. One to a customer, Big Chicken Dinner Specials (discounts in San Diego),..go away boy, ya bother me…Cut the Deal of a Lifetime…

  3. SueDB says:

    Oh, there was this hissing sound like gas escaping from a wind bag as certain “Birfer guiding legal principles” were just thrown out the window by LTC Lakin’s new team.

    You would have to ask Jensen what it looks like under Neal’s big diesel bus.

  4. gorefan says:

    “He hinted about his plan of defense.”

    Ok, you have taken on Ltc Lakin as your client. You got all the background on his case. What would be your “plan of defense”?

  5. Greg says:


  6. mikeyes says:

    I suspect that it Mr. Puckett’s defense will be a lot more sophisticated than “punt” and that LTC Lakin will benefit from it to the tune of not having much or any confinement but losing his pension and benefits. I also suspect that the ability to resign will be one of the sticking points.

    But first a new image of the LTC and a revision of his defense is in order.

    I note that the usual suspects are still asking for money and/or taking credit for his new set of lawyers.

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