LTC Lakin

You will know that Neal Puckett was on the Peter Boyles radio show yesterday.  The show continued today with Gen Valleley as the guest.  This was (is?) a defense witness whose presence was litigated at the Article 39(a), UCMJ, session.

According to Gen Valleley the court-martial process is corrupt, Military Judge Lind and the generals above her should be court-martialed for allowing the corruption.  He describes Military Judge Lind as the “Kangaroo court judge,” in this “kangaroo court.”

Apparently he’s trying to “light a fire” under the current defense team to go full NBC.

Further guests in support of LTC Lakin are expected to appear over the coming days.  But he did not follow up on the statement yesterday that Boyles was trying to get LTC Lakin on the show in the AM.

For some reason there is some concern that the court will be closed to the public.  That’s not going to happen.  I think they may be confused about being an observer at a court-martial and holding a demonstration on a military installation.

They continue the failure to understand that even if a suitable birth certificate were produced LTC Lakin’s case would still proceed to trial.

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