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Army Times reports:

A Fort Wainwright soldier is under investigation for allegedly posting a video on his Facebook site showing Iraqi children being taunted.

Navy Times reports: has some lengthy pieces about the USS COWPENS and its former CO.  Here is an interesting theme to go with the picture:

Holly Graf, the female "Captain Bligh," is highly disliked and even hated by many Navy women. They feel the foul-mouthed martinet, relieved of command of the USS Cowpens for "cruelty and maltreatment of her crew," has set back female advances in the Navy for many years.

MC also points out the consistent misunderstanding of the CO being reduced in rank, rather than the actual event which was being detached for cause. reports:

Last summer, more than a year after completing a seemingly successful tour as commanding officer of the amphibious assault ship Wasp, Capt. Michael Hawley was removed from his post as the head of a Norfolk-based training group. . . .

But a report from the Naval Inspector General’s office outlines six personal or professional violations, including pressuring deployed Wasp Sailors to buy suits and guns from visiting merchants and pilfering a set of salt-and-pepper shakers while attending a dinner hosted by the Canadian navy.

CAAF has decided two cases related to Abu Ghraib:  United States v. Harman, and United States v. Smith.

The issue in Harman was factual sufficiency and the conviction and sentence was affirmed.

Appellant admitted to investigators that she took a new detainee, who had been placed on a box with a hood over his head, affixed his fingers with wires, and told him he would be electrocuted if he fell off the box. Appellant then photographed the victim who stood on the box for approximately an hour. Appellant admitted it was her idea to attach these wires, though military intelligence officials had not asked her or her colleagues to do so. Appellant thought this was permissible because “[w]e were not hurting him. It was not anything that bad.”

The commanding officer of the Yokosuka, Japan-based cruiser Cowpens was relieved of duty Wednesday after being punished for “cruelty and maltreatment” during her time in charge, the Navy announced. In an unusual move, she is being permitted to continue on to an assignment in the Pentagon.

Capt. Holly Graf was brought before an admiral’s mast with Rear Adm. Kevin Donegan, the commander of Carrier Strike Group 5, after an inspector general’s investigation found problems with her “temperament and demeanor vis-a-vis her subordinates,” said Cmdr. Jeff Davis, a spokesman for 7th Fleet.

Her continuing into a job to which she had already been assigned is unusual for a Navy captain who has been relieved; many fired COs are assigned to the staff of their parent command and their careers effectively ended.

The Army’s attempt to stem a rising tide of suicides made it impossible for a Fort Bliss soldier convicted of cruelty toward subordinates to get a fair trial, the soldier’s parents say.

"I still maintain that this was a miscarriage of justice," said John Taylor, father of Pvt. Jarrett Taylor. "They needed a conviction and they got it. É This is a sham."

Taylor said his son, a sergeant at the time, was trying to help soldiers on their first deployment in Iraq survive in a combat zone.

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