Sham or shame

The Army’s attempt to stem a rising tide of suicides made it impossible for a Fort Bliss soldier convicted of cruelty toward subordinates to get a fair trial, the soldier’s parents say.

"I still maintain that this was a miscarriage of justice," said John Taylor, father of Pvt. Jarrett Taylor. "They needed a conviction and they got it. É This is a sham."

Taylor said his son, a sergeant at the time, was trying to help soldiers on their first deployment in Iraq survive in a combat zone. reports on this concluded court-martial for violations of Article 93, and 107, UCMJ.  This is not the only court-martial to have arisen from this case.

Charges against Daniel Weber, 24, of Frankenmuth, Mich., were dropped with the understanding that he would testify against the others. He is no longer in the Army.

Sgt. Enoch Chatman, 30, of West Covina, Calif., and Staff Sgt. Bob Clements, 29, of Eastland, Texas, face more serious charges and are scheduled for courts-martial early next year, Caggins said.

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