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There has been some reporting that the number of Detached for Cause (DFC, Relief for Cause) in the Navy are up this year over past years.  Here are some more.  Actually I almost missed one.  I had this ready to post last night and didn’t so today I was able to read:

A Navy Times report entitled “Navy sacks three leaders in one day” (fortunately for them no court-martial that we know of):

In the span of 24 hours, the Navy has fired a commanding officer, executive officer and a command master chief. has some lengthy pieces about the USS COWPENS and its former CO.  Here is an interesting theme to go with the picture:

Holly Graf, the female "Captain Bligh," is highly disliked and even hated by many Navy women. They feel the foul-mouthed martinet, relieved of command of the USS Cowpens for "cruelty and maltreatment of her crew," has set back female advances in the Navy for many years.

MC also points out the consistent misunderstanding of the CO being reduced in rank, rather than the actual event which was being detached for cause.

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