Another abuse of power case? reports:

Last summer, more than a year after completing a seemingly successful tour as commanding officer of the amphibious assault ship Wasp, Capt. Michael Hawley was removed from his post as the head of a Norfolk-based training group. . . .

But a report from the Naval Inspector General’s office outlines six personal or professional violations, including pressuring deployed Wasp Sailors to buy suits and guns from visiting merchants and pilfering a set of salt-and-pepper shakers while attending a dinner hosted by the Canadian navy.

The investigation also found Hawley improperly accepted a free helicopter ride and round of golf at an exclusive club during Fleet Week in New York City in 2007 and that he delayed kicking troubled Sailors off the ship in order to win an award for retention.

Additionally, the report says, Hawley took leave without documenting his absence from the ship, and forced the ship’s morale, welfare and recreation committee to give him $500 for prizes he won in a golf tournament and “donated” back to the ship.

Additionally, investigators noted that Hawley didn’t tolerate similar misconduct among his crew, Presiding over an administrative hearing for a third-class petty officer accused of stealing a $15 bottle of wine while the Wasp was in Colombia, the report noted, Hawley found the Sailor guilty, docked his pay for two months, kept him on restriction for 45 days and ordered him to perform extra duty, (emphasis added).

Here is a link to Kate Wiltrout’s article in the Virginia Pilot.

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