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This is the 10th day that APF (safeguardourconstitution), LTC Lakin’s support site, has failed to post the military judge’s findings and conclusions, and advertises as “Breaking News,”  “Judge to Rules (sic) . . ..”

The APF website does not list or encourage attendance as the previously scheduled Article 39(a), UCMJ, session for tomorrow.

The 10 September 2010 docket for the First Judicial Circuit (Judge Lind’s circuit) does not show a hearing scheduled in LTC Lakin’s case for tomorrow.

And now for the political question doctrine.

See fn. 2., I believe at one point Mr. Jensen was complaining that the military judge wasn’t going to apply any “civilian” cases.imageimage


image imageSee fn. 3., for the judge’s rather sparse treatment of the de facto officer doctrine.

Some reporting of last weeks Article 39(a), UCMJ, hearing appears to attribute the military judge’s ruling to a desire to save the president embarrassment. I believe this is a gross distortion of a small part of what the military judge said.  I was there and heard her read her findings and conclusions which were then made a part of the record of trial and available to the parties.  These are the relevant references.


The above is from the discussion of the political question doctrine.  The sole use of the word embarrassment is here:

imageDoes the above compute with what World Net Daily or others have said?  You decide.

The spinning has begun, and yes there’s a pun in there, or at least an attempted one.  Based on cherry-picked comments from a number of Lakin supporters it appears that all of this is merely the military judge saving the President “embarrassment.”  They are grasping at a straw as a way to explain a complete and utter refutation of what they have been trying to incorrectly advertize as the state of military law, assuming they were present.  Some comments about the military judge as an individual have become so personal, so obnoxious, and downright nasty that I have decided to remove or not post such comments.  Yes, this is a change from my normal attitude of let what’s said be said and the sayer  and his/her worth as a person be evaluated.


I was present for the “40 minute” reading of her written findings and conclusions.  These written findings and conclusions are now part of the record of trial, and are also now available to Jensen, LTC Lakin, and the prosecutors.  Perhaps APF could post the findings so we can see just how badly the military judge ruled – APF let’s get those wrong headed arguments of the judge out in the open where the full text can be read and dissected?

Note to file.  Don’t spend time gossiping with Dwight while burglars are having their way in your house.  It’s not helpful or conducive to a good day and it interferes with blogging.  Second note to file: send thank you to ADT (a la USAA) for an efficient alarm system, and note of thanks and donation to the APD Patrolman’s Benefit Association.

Anyway, back to LTC Lakin.

AMPAT-100804-CNN-Full-v01I told Dwight that a minor nit was LTC Lakin and his counsels’ failure to stand when first addressed by the military judge.  I have the client stand on the “are you  . . .” in all cases and its de rigueur in Navy and Marine Corps cases.  It’s a minor sign of respect to the court.  Anyway, at the time it was just a bit of post-Lakin gossip for Dwight.  But then I chanced to look at the photograph on APF along with the fund-raising plea.  LTC Lakin is probably lucky the SGM wasn’t around with a Taser complaining about a poor example to the enlisted personnel.  I know, I know, it’s a nit.  But I did not see a “No cover area” sign around outside the (now temporarily housed in a warehouse) court-room.  BTW Fort Meade courtroom is a lot more professional looking and much more space for a gallery.

I previously posted about this but here is a more detailed Navy Times report about CSM Crump, formerly of WRAMC.

A former command sergeant major at Walter Reed Army Medical Center fired for allegedly faking his record and wearing unauthorized awards and decorations faces military discipline for a series of bold deceptions that span several years and multiple commands, according to the charges against him.

World News Daily has a piece on LTC Lakin’s OER issue.  The piece seems to accept without question or fact-check the allegation that the, “Army convicted me without trial.”  It would seem a proper journalistic analysis would review the actual report (still publically unavailable) and review in comparison to AR 623-3 .

Oh, For Goodness Sake blog is reporting that Orly Taitz is now assisting in LTC Lakin’s defense?

A posting at A Natural Born Citizen . . .  Orly? appears to indicate that one of Orly Taitz’s blogs has been taken over – I think by aliens.  Oh man what a pun.  She does have some blather, but apparently repetitious of some of the events in the Lakin case.

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