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This is the 10th day that APF (safeguardourconstitution), LTC Lakin’s support site, has failed to post the military judge’s findings and conclusions, and advertises as “Breaking News,”  “Judge to Rules (sic) . . ..”

The APF website does not list or encourage attendance as the previously scheduled Article 39(a), UCMJ, session for tomorrow.

The 10 September 2010 docket for the First Judicial Circuit (Judge Lind’s circuit) does not show a hearing scheduled in LTC Lakin’s case for tomorrow.

A motions sessions for 28 September 2010 is the next listed event, location TBA.

Trial is still scheduled for 13 October, for three days, location TBA.

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5 responses to “LTC Lakin sitrep”

  1. Viking says:

    Anything you have read on the internet about COL Lind and MG Hawley being somehow conspirators against LTC Lakin is IMHO an outright lie intended to falsely plant doubt about the fairness of LTC Lakin’s trial.
    MG Horst is the convening authority.
    This tripe is being bandied around by people who have no knowledge of any facts, no understanding of the legal issues involved, and frankly don’t seem to care about the truth.

  2. Bob Cipperly says:

    The following letter was sent to th Chairman, JCS alon with my letter to the Conveining Authority in the Lakin Court Martial. All my Congressional reps have also received the information concerning the Col. Lind rulings.

    ADM Mullen:

    Sir, This communication concerns the LTC Lakin Court Martial.

    The attached letter was sent to the Convening Authority, MGEN. Carla Hawley-Bowland. When I sent the letter, I believed that the CA was independent of the Trial Judge (Col. Lind). If, what I have read on the web is true, and the CA and the Trial judge conspired to deny Col. Lakin his rights under the UCMJ, then both individuals need to be removed for cause. At the very least, these allegations should be investigated and the findings made public.

    I can surmise that this situation may not be very high on your priority list, but, I can assure you it is being watched very closely by the military community both active and retired.

    I also believe that both you and I took the same oath as did the individuals mentioned above, as did Col. Lakin. During my career, I had a couple of occasions to refuse illegal orders. Fortunately, the commands were rescinded when the illegality was pointed out. Col. Lakin is an honorable man who has had a distinguished career. His accusations have merit and should be adjudicated.

    I hope you are as much a patriot as Col Lakin is and ensure that his rights are protected.


    Robert H. Cipperly, LCDR (USN Ret.)

    I also sent all of the pertinent info to many areas of Fox News including Judge Napolitano of the Freedom Watch show.

  3. BigGuy says:

    Perhaps this is the same Bob Cipperly who wrote in the Augusta (GA) Chronicle on August 18th, “The Constitution clearly defines a “natural born” citizen. Both parents have to be U.S. citizens.” (

    Phil’s comment about “people who have no knowledge of any facts, no understanding of the legal issues involved, and frankly don’t seem to care about the truth” seems most appropriate here.

  4. Dwight Sullivan says:

    Commander Cipperly, I believe that you were a Naval aviator. Hypothesize that you were on active duty today and you gave an E-3 an order to fuel your plane. Would you find it acceptable if the response were, “Fuel it yourself, sir, I don’t have to obey your order because I’m not convinced the President is constitutionally eligible?”

  5. Holly says:

    Bob Cipperly is a joke. He hates our current Commander in Chief and needs a lesson on the Constitution. “All my Congressional reps have also received the information” How many Representatives do you have? I have only one just like everyone else in the country. Cipperly is a Tea Party/Birther guy who can’t hear common sense. I wish him well in his world of hate.

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