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Note to file.  Don’t spend time gossiping with Dwight while burglars are having their way in your house.  It’s not helpful or conducive to a good day and it interferes with blogging.  Second note to file: send thank you to ADT (a la USAA) for an efficient alarm system, and note of thanks and donation to the APD Patrolman’s Benefit Association.

Anyway, back to LTC Lakin.

AMPAT-100804-CNN-Full-v01I told Dwight that a minor nit was LTC Lakin and his counsels’ failure to stand when first addressed by the military judge.  I have the client stand on the “are you  . . .” in all cases and its de rigueur in Navy and Marine Corps cases.  It’s a minor sign of respect to the court.  Anyway, at the time it was just a bit of post-Lakin gossip for Dwight.  But then I chanced to look at the photograph on APF along with the fund-raising plea.  LTC Lakin is probably lucky the SGM wasn’t around with a Taser complaining about a poor example to the enlisted personnel.  I know, I know, it’s a nit.  But I did not see a “No cover area” sign around outside the (now temporarily housed in a warehouse) court-room.  BTW Fort Meade courtroom is a lot more professional looking and much more space for a gallery.

Should you want to follow the case – from a defense perspective – here are the three most common websites to follow.

WorldNetDaily.  This piece about commentary from MG Paul Vallely, USA, appears to be the latest piece:  “Retired Army general: LtCol Lakin has a ‘valid point.’

The filing of charges may, however, be part of the still-unrevealed strategy Lakin and his legal counselors are pursuing.

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