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I use Google Chrome for a browser so this wasn’t apparent to me.  But Dr. C. at points out the following:

I have no way of knowing whether LtC Terry Lakin authorized the use of his image to sell tax advice, bridge loans, auto liability insurance, and whatever other advertising attaches itself to his photo over at WorldNetDaily (hover mouse anywhere over the photo at WND for maximum advertising effect). Nonetheless, I think this image, as much as any other, points out how this honorable, but confused, soldier has become the tool of [select a name].

Of course when viewed in MSIE you can see what the doctor ordered.

NIMJ was able to send Charlie Fowler to monitor todays Article 39(a), UCMJ, session.

1.  Trial is continued until 4 November 2010 from 13 October 2010.  Not sure of the reason.  It appears Mr. Jensen asked the judge to hold the case “in abeyance” pending resolution of an (untimely?) writ which has been filed with NMCCA.  According to Charlie the defense said the reason for the potentially untimely filing was “for reasons I can’t get into right now[.]”  Huuuuuuuum, this has resonance.  I think I’ll try this one in a couple of weeks.  (Note to DMLHS, this citation to authority has to be on the top ten this year.)

2.  Unsurprisingly to those familiar with military justice the judge ruled the orders to be legal.

Some reporting of last weeks Article 39(a), UCMJ, hearing appears to attribute the military judge’s ruling to a desire to save the president embarrassment. I believe this is a gross distortion of a small part of what the military judge said.  I was there and heard her read her findings and conclusions which were then made a part of the record of trial and available to the parties.  These are the relevant references.


The above is from the discussion of the political question doctrine.  The sole use of the word embarrassment is here:

imageDoes the above compute with what World Net Daily or others have said?  You decide.

Officer to Army:  See you in court, is the title of a posting to World Net Daily.  The piece also links to the new video release.  I did not see a new confession, merely a continuance of his supposed reasons for his contumacy.

He cited a long list of "reasonable arguments" raising questions about whether Obama was born on American soil.

Assuming arguendo that there are reasonable questions about President Obama’s citizenship, the questions remain irrelevant to LTC Lakin’s court-martial.

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