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Army Times reports that:

Second Lt. Douglas Sofranko, a Florida National Guard officer photographed wearing a Navy SEAL Trident insignia he didn’t rate, has been relieved of his full-time duties with the Guard, and his future in the military is uncertain.

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Navy Times reports:

A former astronaut who gained notoriety for stalking a romantic rival after driving 900 miles straight from Houston is expected to be discharged from the Navy.

A board of inquiry made up of three Navy admirals voted 3-0 Thursday give Navy Capt. Lisa Nowak an “other than honorable” discharge and downgrade her rank from captain to commander, which affects her paygrade and pensionimage thumb16 Meteor burns out.

You’ll recollect the tale of Navy Captain Lisa Nowak, commented here.  Meteor burns out. . . . image

Officials from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service last week took custody of the evidence in the case of former NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak, a Navy captain.

Florida Today reports.  The report has an excellent time-line of the strange events in this case. reports:

imageA former astronaut pleaded to a lesser charge and avoided jail time for attacking a romantic rival in Orlando on Tuesday, but she could still face military prosecution.

Navy captain Nowak will be awaiting a letter from the Chief of Naval Personnel (connected with show-cause board actions), or the Secretary of the Navy (authorizing prosecution at court-martial).  If she is allowed to retire then there will be a retirement grade determination for retirement as a commander (O-5).

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