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Army Times reports that:

Second Lt. Douglas Sofranko, a Florida National Guard officer photographed wearing a Navy SEAL Trident insignia he didn’t rate, has been relieved of his full-time duties with the Guard, and his future in the military is uncertain.

The earlier post, “Ooops I have to graduate?”, is here.

Navy Times reports:

A former astronaut who gained notoriety for stalking a romantic rival after driving 900 miles straight from Houston is expected to be discharged from the Navy.

A board of inquiry made up of three Navy admirals voted 3-0 Thursday give Navy Capt. Lisa Nowak an “other than honorable” discharge and downgrade her rank from captain to commander, which affects her paygrade and pensionimage thumb16 Meteor burns out. reports:

imageA former astronaut pleaded to a lesser charge and avoided jail time for attacking a romantic rival in Orlando on Tuesday, but she could still face military prosecution.

Navy captain Nowak will be awaiting a letter from the Chief of Naval Personnel (connected with show-cause board actions), or the Secretary of the Navy (authorizing prosecution at court-martial).  If she is allowed to retire then there will be a retirement grade determination for retirement as a commander (O-5).

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