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Blogger Rainier4311 has a piece on LTC Lakin which is critical of Anderson Cooper’s interview.  Regardless of the merits of the interview, the piece contains some interesting and uninformed comments on the military legal system.

This Article 138 discovery process must be done.  LTC Lakin now has the right to discovery based on the Articles of the UCMJ.  The United States Army is attempting to prosecute LTC Lakin just to cover their tracks because the Army has put other personnel out because of their refusal to deploy because the erroneously accused wanted proof of Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president.

In all reason, the controversy surrounding Barack Obama’s eligibility must be put to bed.  Under Article 138, he is bound by both federal laws to prove his birth, and since he is, by all accounts the Commander in Chief, he is also bound by the UCMJ.

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