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Navy Times reports:

A cruiser skipper who was fired for cruelty and mistreatment of her crew will go before a Navy board of inquiry Tuesday that will recommend whether she can continue her Navy service.

A Behanna update by Army Times:

Dayton Daily News reports that:

The Air Force has moved a step closer to deciding whether to court-martial the Air Force Materiel Command’s former top enlisted man on charges he sexually harassed airmen, misused his authority, and tried to persuade others to assign those women to his area.

The investigating officer who heard three days of testimony in May at a hearing for Chief Master Sgt. William C. Gurney at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base has submitted his summary of the testimony and his recommendations to Scott Air Force Base, Ill., which is handling the decision on whether to court-martial Gurney. It could be several weeks before the review of Col. Michael O’Sullivan’s report is done and commanders at Scott Air Force Base render a decision[.]

Pilot Online reports that:

For years, the top officer in the Virginia National Guard has had a paid position with a business run by one of his subordinate officers.

Newman promoted Bonanni to the assistant adjutant general’s post in 2008 while collecting a paycheck from his company.

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