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Pilot Online reports that:

For years, the top officer in the Virginia National Guard has had a paid position with a business run by one of his subordinate officers.

Newman promoted Bonanni to the assistant adjutant general’s post in 2008 while collecting a paycheck from his company.

Air Force Times reports:

A two-star general who received a top assignment at Air Force Materiel Command six weeks after being arrested on drunken driving charges will pay a fine and spend no additional time in jail.

News25 reports that:

A Fort Hood soldier was sentenced to 18 months of confinement for allegedly possessing child pornography.

At a General Court Martial Friday morning, Staff Sergeant Kurt John Gullens pleaded and was found guilty on a Wrongful Possession of Child Pornography charge.

Gullens’ rank will also be reduced to E-1 and he will receive a bad-conduct discharge.

L.A. Now reports that:

A Marine major was sentenced Thursday to a reprimand and 90 days’ confinement for his role in leaking intelligence documents to civilian law enforcement.

Major Mark Lowe will also forfeit $2,000 in pay for three months under punishment meted out by a court-martial at Camp Pendleton. The sentence must be approved by Lt Gen. Keith J. Stalder.

See also Marine Corps Times.

Military.com reports that:

The Navy reached a milestone of sorts in April. It was the first month of 2010 that the service didn’t have to remove a commanding officer for misconduct.

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