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Navy Times reports:

A cruiser skipper who was fired for cruelty and mistreatment of her crew will go before a Navy board of inquiry Tuesday that will recommend whether she can continue her Navy service.

A Behanna update by Army Times: reports that:

A Navy doctor pleaded guilty to two counts of wrongful sexual contact and two counts of conduct unbecoming an officer, in exchange for dropping 29 other counts of criminal allegations at a Yokosuka Naval Base court-martial Wednesday.

Image_11139553.jpgGrant Okubo/Stars & Stripes

Under the terms of a pretrial plea agreement, Lt. Cmdr. Anthony L. Velasquez, 48, will not serve more than seven days of confinement at the Yokosuka Naval Base brig.

Military judge Cmdr. David Berger sentenced Velasquez to two years in prison, a $28,000 fine and forfeiture of all pay and allowances, but the convening authority suspended the punishment in accordance with a pre-trial agreement.

Stars & Stripes also has a piece.

Dayton Daily News reports:

The Air Force began hearing evidence Wednesday, May 26, to determine whether the Air Force Materiel Command’s former top enlisted man should be court-martialed for alleged sexual harassment of subordinates, adultery and other offenses under military law.

Air Force/AF Times Gurney faces allegations including extramarital relationships and that he sent semi-nude images of himself to Air Force women, requested pictures of their breasts, and touched their breasts and buttocks.

The charges against him also include indecent exposure; dereliction of duty; having unprofessional relationships with female Air Force subordinates; misuse of his Defense Department computer; failure to obey an order, and attempting to influence the Air Force to assign airmen to jobs where he could have access to the women.

In accordance with R.C.M. 405(j)(2), Discussion:

On Wednesday, the government’s lawyers asked O’Sullivan to consider additional charges that he had sexually assaulted one airman and may have obstructed justice by telling two women he had sex with that they shouldn’t tell anyone about it. reports that:

A U.S. Soldier who blew the whistle on his comrades over possible drug use and the deaths of three civilians in southern Afghanistan suffered a severe beating in retaliation, officials said Tuesday.

The Soldier was beaten after telling authorities about illicit drugs and then, while recovering in hospital, recounted his comrades’ alleged role in the deaths of three Afghan civilians, said two officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity. reports that:

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Army Times reports that:

An Army captain from Colorado charged with killing two Iraqi civilians has been convicted of lesser charges in Iraq.

Military officials say Capt. Carl Bjork was found guilty of reckless endangerment and negligent homicide in a general court-martial on Tuesday. He was reprimanded and will lose a third of his salary for one year.

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