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Sad, but not unusual, from The False Rape Society.

My story started last summer when we got back from Iraq. My best friend and I went to a night club and long story short I had sex with a woman. This woman was a female soldier and ended up being late to work the next morning. I was on leave at the time, so I didn’t have to go too work. She accused me of raping her, because she was going to show up to work drunk and late.

. . .  the charges are being dropped . . .

United States v. Bond.

Before this court, Appellant has assigned the following errors:
The military judge erred when he denied the defense motion to dismiss Charges I and III for prior jeopardy.
An unsuspended bad-conduct discharge is an inappropriately severe punishment for the crimes of which Appellant was convicted.
Appellant’s Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights were denied when he was prohibited from recording the Article 32 investigation, and by the subsequent denial of his motion for a new Article 32 investigation.

We exercise our Article 66, UCMJ authority and set aside the findings and sentence.

I have commented before about suicides and military justice, Military Suicides.

Marine Capt. Michael A. Webb has died of an apparent suicide in the brig at Quantico while awaiting court martial, a base public affairs officer said Tuesday.

Inisde NoVa reports.

USA Today reports the LTC shoplifting case:

A U.S. Army lieutenant colonel facing court-martial on a shoplifting charge blames the Army for mistakenly reducing the medicine he takes to curb his urge to steal.

Army Times reports:

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