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I have commented before about suicides and military justice, Military Suicides.

Marine Capt. Michael A. Webb has died of an apparent suicide in the brig at Quantico while awaiting court martial, a base public affairs officer said Tuesday.

Inisde NoVa reports.

Army investigators have charged a 22-year-old Fort Bragg soldier with two burglaries and a sexual assault on the installation.

Army Times reports.

A senior chief who ran a military working dog kennel in Bahrain and allegedly permitted hazing, hookers and other misconduct will face a retirement board Thursday, Navy officials said.

The Navy is forcing Senior Chief Master-at-Arms Michael Toussaint, 38, into retirement. The board convening at Naval Station Norfolk, Va., will determine the rank he’ll retire with and the size of the pension he’ll receive.

Navy Times reports.

The U.S. military is sending a soldier accused of making a threatening rap song to Kuwait for a court-martial.

LA Times reports.

One of U.S. Army Europe’s top enlisted soldiers has been charged with raping a young soldier in his command who was too meek and cowed by his rank to deflect his advances, military prosecutors said at an Article 32 hearing this week.

Stars & Stripes reports.

A soldier from Joint Base Lewis-McChord is accused of holding his 4-year-old daughter’s head under water because she would not recite the alphabet.

Army Times reports.

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