False claims of rape?

Sad, but not unusual, from The False Rape Society.

My story started last summer when we got back from Iraq. My best friend and I went to a night club and long story short I had sex with a woman. This woman was a female soldier and ended up being late to work the next morning. I was on leave at the time, so I didn’t have to go too work. She accused me of raping her, because she was going to show up to work drunk and late.

. . .  the charges are being dropped . . .

It wasn’t over for me yet though. My lawyer called my unit and said he needed to speak with me to tell me all the details. As I walked into his office he was screaming at someone on the phone. He was actually yelling expletives into the phone, I was told to wait outside. As I was ushered into the office he told me to sit down and started reading her statement. In a nutshell it basically said, "I was late and I didn’t think IT was going to be a big deal" (meaning, "it would not be a big deal if I said he raped me so I wouldn’t get in trouble").
Not a fucking big deal? I felt like ripping shit apart, not a fucking big deal?  You nearly ruined my entire fucking life. I drink all the fucking time, habitually now, I can’t bring myself to even talk to women, I fear them. I am a complete and total shut-in, I don’t even go out anymore. I just sit in my room drinking and listening to music and playing fucking World of Warcraft. The leadership in my platoon wants me to get out ASAP because I show up in the morning hungover and smelling like an open bar.
He went on to explain that he was screaming into the phone because even after that statement CID wanted to pursue charges of aggravated sexual assault.

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