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The Navy Times reports:

The civilian attorney for a cruiser skipper fired for cruelty and mistreatment of her crew told a board of inquiry in his opening statement Tuesday that his client had been the victim of a sexist and vengeful wardroom of incompetent officers and an inspector general’s investigation with a foregone conclusion.

Prior posting about this and other CO firings here and here.

The Boston Globe has a piece and copy of a letter from Senator John Kerry to the Secretary of Defense.  In that letter Senator Kerry says:

Secretary Robert M. Gates

1400 Defense Pentagon

There has been some reporting that the number of Detached for Cause (DFC, Relief for Cause) in the Navy are up this year over past years.  Here are some more.  Actually I almost missed one.  I had this ready to post last night and didn’t so today I was able to read:

A Navy Times report entitled “Navy sacks three leaders in one day” (fortunately for them no court-martial that we know of):

In the span of 24 hours, the Navy has fired a commanding officer, executive officer and a command master chief. reports that:

An Army prosecutor Tuesday opened the trial of an Iraq war veteran by accusing him of the “ultimate betrayal” — raping a comrade’s wife.

Spc. Philip C. Vermeiren, 28, is accused of assaulting the woman early Oct. 31 during an alcohol-fueled party at the Fort Carson apartment she shared with her husband.

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