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Hometown Annapolis reports:  Evidence against a midshipman charged with raping a classmate was strong enough to warrant a court-martial, Naval Academy officials said Tuesday. reports on a rather lugubrious incident at Fort Lee.  The Air Force is investigating a photo that appeared online depicting Airmen posing with an open coffin that contains another Airman playing dead with a noose around his neck, the Air Force Times newspaper reported Wednesday.

Fort Bragg Patch reports:  The Army’s Criminal Investigation Command removed explosives and military weapons from the Fayetteville soldier’s home [while serving a domestic violence protective order.

Navy Times reports:

The AP

A sprawling financial scandal at the Naval Academy — involving extravagant parties and a “slush fund” — was an embarrassment that helped lead to an early exit for the school’s superintendent, Navy Times has learned.

Vice Adm. Jeffrey Fowler faced “administrative action” in April as a result of a year-long Naval Inspector General’s investigation, said Rear Adm. Denny Moynihan, the Navy’s top spokesman.

Navy Time reports:

Thirteen junior officers were kicked out of the Marine Corps last week after officials uncovered widespread cheating on a land navigation exam.

All 13 were students at The Basic School aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va., a six-month boot camp for newly commissioned officers. Eight men — including two former football players from the Naval Academy — and five women were administratively discharged May 20 for allegedly using cheat sheets last fall to help them locate boxes stashed in the woods aboard the base, Marine officials said. Two of the 13 officers were prior enlisted Marines.

The Capital reports that:

Standout slotback Marcus Curry, whose off-field behavior drew as much attention as his on-field exploits, has been dismissed from the Naval Academy football team.

Curry was charged with an unauthorized absence for failing to be in his dormitory room in Bancroft Hall when required.

I have often wondered about how sports players get breaks regular people don’t.  This applies within the military just as much as in the civilian community.  Hypocrisy rains in the name of sports.

A Naval Academy football player is being permitted to continue as a midshipman even after testing positive for drug use, according to multiple sources and Web sites that have sprung up to criticize the decision.

Every day throughout the services young enlisted men and women are being disciplined, including court-martial, for drugs.  Their lives are stained forever (this assumes a continuing of the low chance of success for a discharge upgrade).  These un-athletic people are subject to:

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