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The Capital reports that:

Standout slotback Marcus Curry, whose off-field behavior drew as much attention as his on-field exploits, has been dismissed from the Naval Academy football team.

Curry was charged with an unauthorized absence for failing to be in his dormitory room in Bancroft Hall when required.

The Capital reported in late January that Curry was allowed to remain at the Naval Academy despite testing positive for drug use and after recommendations he be dismissed.

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bnd.com has this report (I posted on this earlier here):


A lesbian, Chaurasiya came out to her unit commander last summer after a chain of events beyond her control.

Although Chaurasiya (pronounced “Chara-seeya”) admitted to being a lesbian, and even possessed a New Hampshire marriage certificate to another woman, a three-star Air Force general in February ruled she should remain in the military anyway.

The general’s reason: Chaurasiya acknowledged her sexual orientation as a way of “avoiding and terminating military service,” according to the memo written by Lt. Gen. Robert Allardice, commander of the 18th Air Force, based at Scott.

The case has taken a different twist:

On Thursday, Chaurasiya found herself the subject of an three-hour interview with officers from the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. The officers asked her about her affiliation with India, the land of her parents’ birth, and her travels around the world.

At the same time 365gay.com reports that a ROTC student who has “come out” must now repay about $80,000.00 in recoupment.

CBS4Denver reports that:

he U.S. Army is conducting an investigation of at least 38 recruiters in its Denver Army Recruiting Battalion. . . . The probe is looking into whether fraudulent documents were used to enlist new soldiers.  Those documents could include items such as phony diplomas and other altered records.

Five years ago CBS4 News showed Denver area recruiters instructing a high school student how to get a phony diploma and teaching him how to beat a drug test. It led to a national “stand down day” for all recruiters to re-examine ethics.

Here is a link to some interesting letters to the Chattnoogan.com regarding the SEAL cases.

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