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Should you want to follow the case – from a defense perspective – here are the three most common websites to follow.

WorldNetDaily.  This piece about commentary from MG Paul Vallely, USA, appears to be the latest piece:  “Retired Army general: LtCol Lakin has a ‘valid point.’

The filing of charges may, however, be part of the still-unrevealed strategy Lakin and his legal counselors are pursuing.

TDTNews reports that:

Major Hasan may not have been transferred from hospital yesterday as thought was planned.

Mr. Galligan’s chief complaint is a lack of a mitigation specialist assigned to the defense prior to the Article 32, UCMJ, hearing.

Rapid City Journal reports that:

Government prosecutors dismissed sexual assault charges against an Ellsworth Air Force Base airman when the alleged victim did not appear at an Article 32 hearing for Sr. Airman Vinicus Santana on Tuesday.

Santana is scheduled for a court martial on April 20 for a shooting incident in Rapid City that injured another airman.

Navy Times reports that:

A former sector commander in Alaska is facing a general court-marital for charges of adultery, fraternization and other sexual improprieties.image thumb UP: Coastie O 5 in serious trouble

Capt. Herbert “Mark” Hamilton III has been charged with 30 counts, including: failing to follow orders; lying to investigators; committing adultery with enlisted personnel; sending and receiving “sexual and amorous text messages” using a government cell phone; photographing sexual acts; downloading and storing sexually explicit material on his government-issued laptop; and making an official phone call “while engaged in sexual activity,” according to charging documents.

Daily Caller reports that:

Following a two-week absence, the Fort Hood attorney was back at it Friday despite a gag order, blogging on the perceived injustices suffered by his defense team in defending Major Nidal Hasan, the man charged in the shooting deaths of 13 people.

As previously reported by The Daily Caller, John P. Galligan, Hasan’s civilian defense attorney, made waves in the legal community when he launched the high-profile blog to highlight his obstacles in defending the case. The blog was silent for nearly two weeks after the initial controversy erupted, but he’s back, saying: “My blog will continue to highlight how my client is being unfairly treated.”

Three Republicans are vying for the nomination to run for the seat and all three are military vets — but only one has the kind of star power that comes with a personal story that extends from Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan to the fast-money world of Wall Street, and includes film-making, a best-selling book, an appearance on "The Daily Show" and charges of murdering two Iraqi civilians.

But before the GOP gets too excited about seeing former Marine 1st Lt. Ilario Pantano take a seat in Congress, it had better face up to the fact that the former infantry officer isn’t your typical Red stater.  . . .

April 2004 found him leading a platoon in Mahmudiya, Iraq, where he had in custody two Iraqis he suspected were involved in anti-coalition activities. According to various accounts, Marines had already searched the men’s car and found no weapons. But when weapons were found in a nearby house, Pantano wanted the car stripped down for another search.

The military will formally discipline at least six officers, most from Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, for failing to take action against Fort Hood gunman Nidal Malik Hasan, according to people familiar with the matter.

Officials said the move reflects the military’s belief that the Nov. 5 assault could have been prevented if Hasan’s superiors had alerted authorities to his increasing Islamic radicalization.

Dallas News reports.  Judge Pohl has been scheduled to start the Article 32, UCMJ, hearing on 1 March.

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