Lakin update

GiveUsLiberty blog has this piece.

Hopefully Mr. Apuzzo has  a similar depth of knowledge about the UCMJ, R.C.M., and Military Rules of Evidence, to his knowledge of constitutional law.  Or will he dump that on learned military counsel, that’s another part of Article 38, UCMJ.

This comment evidences a lack of understanding of chain of command issues and the Rules of who does what and how it is done.

If Lt. Col. Lakin is a patriot, then just who are the tyrants. In closing they are the ones who have debased the honor of our men and women serving our country in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps,and Coast Guard by having the Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Col. Gordon R. Roberts act as a cop on the beat and issue Lt. Col. Lakin his Miranda warning. Was this the Political Puppets of the Pentagon’s idea of a public relations? Using the Congressional Medal of Honor in the hope of some talking head at the Marxist Statist Media (MSM) saying, “look America a Medal of Honor winner is condemning Lt. Col. ‘Birther’,” is not public relations, it is politically motivated PUBIC relations!

And in the process maligns a person of honor.

And in another piece of military political news, SignOnSanDiego reports:

A Camp Pendleton Marine is running smack up against the limits of what uniform-wearing Americans are allowed to say about their government after his Facebook page for “Armed Forces Tea Party Patriots” sparked concern among his superiors Tuesday.

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