Hasan update

CAAFLog has pointed to this CentralTexasNow.com report.

Bell County Jail, it’s where the man charged with the Fort Hood massacre, Nidal Hasan, is now being held. Inside the jail infirmary, under 24 hour surveillance, and his lawyer doesn’t like it.

"He is, in short, being punished. In violation I believe of article 13 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. And it’s deliberate, it’s conscious and it’s intentional," John Galligan says.

Article 13, UCMJ, prohibits punishment or actions equivalent to punishment prior to trial.  Mr. Galligan seems to be alleging the conditions Major Hasan is kept in are punitive.  I read he has two complaints:  the physical conditions, and also the adverse impact on his representation of Major Hasan.

Other “inmates” and their families are not happy either.

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