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Stars & Stripes reports that:

An Air Force major from Ramstein Air Base was given four months in jail and a reprimand for marijuana use, according to base officials.  At a court-martial at Ramstein earlier this month, Maj. Timothy Reburn pleaded guilty to using marijuana last summer at or near the air base, according to information provided by Ramstein’s legal office.


Servicemembers on Okinawa have been banned from bars and clubs after midnight in a crackdown announced Friday to curb off-post alcohol-related incidents.

The midnight-to-5 a.m. prohibition, which covers all branches of the military on Okinawa and Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni and Camp Fuji in mainland Japan, applies to any establishment where the “primary business is the sale and consumption of alcohol,” the Marine Corps announced in a statement.

mydesert.com reports that:

Maj. Pietro P. Scarselli, military prosecutors say, is an arrogant officer who flouted regulations, was too chummy with his subordinates and even allowed some to skirt the rules.

A 43-year-old prior-enlisted Marine, Scarselli was fired from his job as Twentynine Palms’ provost marshal last year after a base command inspector general’s investigation of his office suggested it had become poisoned by widespread dysfunction — starting at the top.

Scarselli had failed as a leader, his command said, and mistreated Marines working for him.

Now facing a general court-martial in mid-July, Scarselli is fighting to stay out of jail and save his 16-year career.

His attorneys say he is the victim of a biased, narrow investigation that influenced the command to charge Scarselli and ostracize him and others who have supported him.

They allege that prosecutors, and at least one provost marshal’s office Marine, threatened and intimidated defense witnesses, and have asked the military judge presiding on the case to dismiss all charges.

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