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Navy Times reports that:

An active-duty Seabee is wanted for questioning in the slaying of his pregnant wife, authorities said.

Steelworker First Class (SCW) Eric Gilford, 31, disappeared after his wife, Kristine, was found stabbed to death May 26 in a residence in the Chicago suburb of Villa Park, Illinois authorities said.

WXVT15 reports that:

Fort Polk’s Criminal Investigation Division is investigating the death of a Tulane University graduate student shot in her home on the Navy base in Belle Chasse.

An Article 32 investigation – the military equivalent to a grand jury – is underway to decide if there is cause to hold a court martial for Maj. Detric Kelly, 37, in the May 15 death of his wife, Kimberly Kelly.

The Desert Dispatch reports that:

Two separate incidents of child pornography found at Fort Irwin were reported recently, but no formal charges have been filed.

Suspected child pornography is reported to have been found on a portable memory chip and a computer sometime between May 18 and May 26, the period covered by logs released by Fort Irwin Police.

In the first instance, residents of an apartment on Fort Irwin were moving out of their residence and found a  memory chip that they said belonged to a house guest. Since the person the card belonged to was a guest and not stationed at Fort Irwin, military police did not handle the case.

In the second instance, a Fort Irwin soldier borrowed the computer of another soldier and discovered suspected child pornography. The soldier reported the discovery to military police.

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