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Honolulu Star Advertiser reports:

A former Navy diver who worked with SEAL commandos at Pearl Harbor has been charged with murdering his 14-month-old son, nearly a year and a half after the boy died from severe brain injury caused by “abusive head trauma,” officials said.

Matthew McVeigh, 26, was charged by the military on Feb. 9 with one charge and two specifications of murder, one charge and two specifications of involuntary manslaughter, and one charge and one specification of assault in the death of Brayden McVeigh, the Navy said.

The Navy refused to provide documents with details of the accusation.

Military.com reports:

A staff sergeant erred when he banished dozens of Soldiers to their barracks and ordered them to clean up after they refused to attend a Christian concert on an Army post last year, an investigation concluded.

I’ve posted before about the various “cases” where there are allegations that commanders are “forcing” personnel to attend “religious” events, or in other ways seeking to impose their version of religious conformation – here, here, and here.

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