Coast Guard’s San Diego Bay court-martial

SignOn San Diego has a piece about todays proceedings.

Until now, the story surrounding the December 2009 death of 8-year-old Anthony DeWeese has largely focused on whether the Coast Guard pilot who crashed a 33-foot patrol vessel into the DeWeese family boatwas hot-dogging that night during the San Diego Bay Parade of Lights.

At a general court-martial Monday at Coast Guard district headquarters in Alameda, lawyers for Boatswain’s Mate 3rd Class Paul Ramos began trying to change that story.

SignOn San Diego also reports:

After months of speculation about the Coast Guard patrol boat that killed 8-year-old Anthony DeWeese — how fast it was going, what lights it had on, the conditions on San Diego Bay that dark evening — people attending the court-martialof boat pilot Paul Ramos on Tuesday finally saw the vessel in action.

A video taken from a nearby sailboat on Dec. 20, 2009, shows the 33-foot Coast Guard patrol boat in the final 10 minutes before it crashed into the DeWeese family motor boat during the San Diego Bay Parade of Lights.

Fayobserver reports:

A lawyer representing Timothy B. Hennis in his federal appeal has asked for a second extension so he can file a response to a government brief.

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