Religious offensive

Army Times reports:

The Army said Friday it was investigating a claim that dozens of soldiers who refused to attend a Christian band’s concert at a Virginia military base were banished to their barracks and told to clean them up. . . .

Smith said he went up the chain of command and traced the concert edict to a captain, who said he simply wanted to “show support for those kind of events that bring soldiers together.”

Except of course those who got to stay and clean up the barracks.

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  1. The Jensen/Lakin/Hemenway team wants to tightly control what is public until absolutely necessary. They do not want to have there briefs publicly filleted before the motion hearings. I think even the Lakin team realizes they are playing with a poor hand and drawing to less than an outside straight at this point. This is about maximizing publicity, which will maximize donations. Oh yes, while they are raking in the PayPal clicks they might just inflict a little harm on Obama.

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