Rocking the establishment

News14 has this piece about the Fort Bragg christian rock concert that is drawing some attention.

Organizations have complained that a Christian rock concert should not be hosted by a government agency. Their stance is that it is a violation of separation of Church and State and displays a preferential treatment of a religion. However Army officials counter that it is a well settled Constitutional law for Chaplains in the Military to offer religious events.

Here is a WITN news link.

How about this from Jewish Light.

Given the recent uproar over the proposed Islamic community center and mosque near Ground Zero, how do you believe its detractors would react to this: A United States military officer tells his subordinates they have a "choice" in their spare time of attending an Islamic hip hop concert or performing a detailed cleaning of their barracks.

I believe this is the same concept as that recently held at Fort Eustis.  In the Fort Eustis case there is a question about whether non-attenders were punished for not attending.

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