LTC Lakin today

Officer to Army:  See you in court, is the title of a posting to World Net Daily.  The piece also links to the new video release.  I did not see a new confession, merely a continuance of his supposed reasons for his contumacy.

He cited a long list of "reasonable arguments" raising questions about whether Obama was born on American soil.

Assuming arguendo that there are reasonable questions about President Obama’s citizenship, the questions remain irrelevant to LTC Lakin’s court-martial.

Lakin’s attorney, Paul Rolf Jensen, told WND that of all the dozens of cases that have been brought to various courts over the issue of Obama’s eligibility, Lakin’s probably is the strongest yet.

He said that after the preliminary procedures but before the actual trial, there will be a time for the discovery of evidence.

Jensen expressed confidence that the necessary information will be obtained.

"This is a criminal case," he noted, with a possible punishment of several years in jail. "In order for a criminal defendant to defend himself in a criminal court he has to be given the opportunity to put on a defense."

"The records are relevant."

A broad statement of “relevance” will not get LTC Lakin too far in the legal debate as to discoverability of birth records.  Note once again, LTC Lakin inexplicably forfeited an opportunity to succinctly argue the merits of the relevance claim by waiving the Article 32, UCMJ, hearing.

He said Driscoll’s order would have allowed a "defense" but only the defense that would have been approved by prosecutors.

This is drivel.

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