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Now, don’t get discouraged when your being encouraged doesn’t work out.  Remember a primary court-room rule:  never let them see they’ve hurt you.  Not too long ago Judge Vowell was chief in the Army’s First Judicial Circuit.  One of her rules of court was that both counsel must comply with Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26(a)(2).  Essentially she wanted a mini-brief on the experts.  Here is what she said on the record in a prior case:

MJ: I’ll tell you that in following – I learned from the judges who work for me each day, and one of them has taught me that – take a look at Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26, I believe, dealing with expert witnesses.  Be prepared to file a notice as to what the witness’s qualifications are, and the basis for the testimony.  Basically, this is a preemptive strike at the Daubert/Kumho Tire  issues.

CDC: I’m happy to hear that, Judge, because you are the first judge who I’ve ever – in all the times I’ve said, ‘Let’s go to 26,’ I’m happy to comply.

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