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CAAFLog advises that Pendergrass v. Indiana, No. 09-866, is scheduled for the 10 June case conference at the Supremes.  Here courtesy of Prof. Freidman counsel for Pendergrass and also of Melendez-Diaz and Briscoe “fame,” is the Pendergrass cert petition.  Here also is the state of Indiana’s brief in opposition to certiorari at this link.

The issue will potentially impact United States v. Blazier , 68 M.J. 544 (A. F. Ct. Crim. App. 2008) (yes, that’s the correct volume according to LEXIS), concerning whether surrogate expert testimony complies with Melendez-Diaz.   C.A.A.F. partially decided some issues, but:

[W]e order briefing from the parties, and invite briefing from the government and defense
appellate divisions from the other services, on the following:

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