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Inside Bay Area has a piece about corruption in the California National Guard.

From 1986 until her retirement last year, Jaffe’s job with the California Army National Guard was to give away money — the federally subsidized student-loan repayments and cash bonuses — paid for by federal taxpayers nationwide — that the Guard is supposed to use to attract new recruits and encourage Guard members to re-enlist.

Instead, according to a Guard auditor turned federal whistle-blower, as much as $100 million has gone to soldiers who didn’t qualify for the incentives, including some who got tens of thousands of dollars more than the program allows.

An Army intelligence analyst suspected of leaking classified information to Wikileaks has still not been charged with any crime, three weeks after being arrested and put in pre-trial confinement.

This is not an unusual time.  Under Article 10, UCMJ, the government has a 120 window.  However, that does not mean that the charges can or will be dismissed if the government takes longer than the 120 days.

However, in the meantime here is some of the back-story which may have some relevance to SPC Manning currently in pretrial confinement at Camp Arifjan.

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