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Air Force Times reports:

A religion watchdog group is asking the Defense Department to investigate whether the Air Force Academy has given a Christian group improper access to the campus to proselytize cadets.

This would not be the first time the AFA has had an issue with support to or enforced support of a specific religion.

News14 has this piece about the Fort Bragg christian rock concert that is drawing some attention.

Organizations have complained that a Christian rock concert should not be hosted by a government agency. Their stance is that it is a violation of separation of Church and State and displays a preferential treatment of a religion. However Army officials counter that it is a well settled Constitutional law for Chaplains in the Military to offer religious events.

Here is a WITN news link.

TheAtlanticWire reports:

Mother Jones’ Adam Weinstein reports that soldiers at Virginia’s Fort Eustis were recently punished for refusing to attend one of the many Christian evangelical events sponsored by the commanding base general and "self-professed ‘reborn’ officer, Maj. General James E. Chambers." The incident and subsequent investigation have revealed a Fort Eustis culture where Christian evangelism isn’t just pervasive, it’s a direct order. Weinstein explains that this isn’t just a quirky, isolated incident. It’s part of an increasingly zealous military culture of evangelical-or-else[.]

Here is a link to the Mother Jones article.

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