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I have just returned from watching most of the Article 39(a), UCMJ, hearing.  (I left as the last item on the table was a defense request for Alan Keyes and LtGen McInerney.)

To say that the military judge destroyed the defense arguments in detail would not be an overstatement.  Although the military judge did politely characterize the defense arguments as an “erroneous view of the law.”

The authority to issue orders does not depend on the qualifications of the President, any suggestion that it does is an erroneous view of the law.

Andy Martin, Executive Director, Contrarian Commentary, posits that President Obama is not legally president, therefore LTC Lakin has a legitimate challenge to his orders.

Mr. Martin first tells us that:

I am completely independent and impartial in so far as the Lakin matter is concerned. So far as I am aware I have not had any contact with anyone involved in Lakin’s specific case. I am the author of the Obama book “Obama: The Man Behind The Mask” which first raised questions about Obama’s citizenship.

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