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Lot here today.  Catching up after a contested trial at Fort Bragg.  I’ll update the Lakin page after today’s “events.”

Kate Wiltrout reports the retrial of Richard Mott at NOB, NorVA.

Almost two years after a Navy judge found Seaman Richard Mott guilty of attempted premeditated murder and sentenced him to 12 years in prison, he got a second chance this week to plead his case before a new judge and a military jury.

Army Board for Correction of Military Records, here we come.  Actually, there’s probably no requirement to start there I suppose.

The OCWeekly reports that:

Taitz has also been pining for recently sacked U.S. general Stanley McChrystal to give her a call. She says that McCrystal is a "perfect plaintiff to expose Obama’s lack of legitimacy," and that he "needs to file a legal action, seeking compensations, as he was pressured to resign by one who is illegally occupying the position of the commander in chief."

Well, we have a general idea of what GEN McChrystal is accused of saying, as well of supposed statements of other officers.  As I was driving home today I heard a story that he’d submitted a resignation – from the Army, or his current position?  USA Today has this piece in which they report a resignation and a denial that a resignation has been submitted.  There are so many puns about crystal and star gazing.  But sadly there’ll be little humor in what’s going on.  From a military justice practice perspective, how many clients have been accused and disciplined for similar types of disrespect?

The LA Times has this piece about the increasing politicalization of the military (something I somewhat tongue in cheek commented was behind LTC Lakin’s contumacy):

Army Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal’s criticism of Obama administration officials symbolizes an accelerated partisanship of the officer corps.

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