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I expect we’ll see several commentary’s about the Hennis trial.  Here is one from Myron Pitts,, which he calls, “Evidence adds up in support of Hennis verdict.”  (Along with the article is a great list of links to prior reporting on the case.)

I saw a military jury convict Hennis on April 8 and sentence him to die Thursday[.]

Hennis’ lawyer, Frank Spinner, said at the bottom of the courthouse steps that the jury never got to know his client, who did not testify. The jurors instead were treated to gruesome photos of the murder scene, he said.

FayObserver reports that:

A 12th juror was seated in the court-martial of Army Master Sgt. Timothy B. Hennis at Fort Bragg this morning, but the total was quickly knocked back to 10.

Attorneys on both sides exercised their right to peremptorily challenge one juror each.

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