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The September Army Lawyer is online.

There are five articles of interest to MJ practitioners.

Army Review Boards and Military Personnel Law Practice and Procedure, this is by Jan Serene, he is a master of these issues so civilian practitioners can gain some good insight here.

The August Army Lawyer is online.  My initial look found this one article of potential interest to MJWonks.

Warrior King:  The Triumph and Betrayal of an American Commander in Iraq, by LTC Nathan Sassaman.

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Nathan Sassaman believes in winning.3 He won as West Point’s quarterback, and he preached the virtue of rising after a fall as an Army officer.  In Warrior King, Sassaman attempts to win back his public image after involvement in a notorious incident of detainee abuse early in the Iraq War.

In the July Army Lawyer Judge McDonald has some comments based on his first year on the bench.  (I have noted over the years that it takes most judges about a year to get their relative bearing.)   I think we can all echo his comments and find a myriad of examples from our own and other cases.  What I wanted to comment on though was something in the section about keeping track.  If this is not what Judge McDonald does in trial or had not meant to convey then I’ll be the first to apologize, but . . .

I have presided over more than a few judge-alone cases where I have asked more questions than the trial counsel, including asking witnesses about elements that were not covered by the Government.

At page 39 (emphasis added).

Here are the military justice related articles in the new Army Lawyer.

Searching for Reasonableness—The Supreme Court Revisits the Fourth Amendment

“I’ve Got to Admit It’s Getting Better”*: New Developments in Post-Trial

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