Lakin update asks:

Why would a highly placed, decorated Army officer set to be promoted to colonel risk court-martial by refusing to obey orders? reports.

An Army flight surgeon apparently is sticking to his vow not to deploy until he is satisfied that President Barack Obama is a "natural born" citizen.

Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin did not report for duty at Fort Campbell, Ky. as ordered today, and a spokesman for the post said it’s not likely he will.

On a different, but perhaps related note, TPM reports:

The Tea Party movement has gained a foothold in the armed forces.

A new Tea Party group, Armed Forces Tea Party Patriots, has grown quickly since being launched last month by an active duty Marine Corps sergeant.

Apparently he’s not read the Department of the Navy regulations on political activity, especially while in uniform or using your military affiliation; although it appears he may have received some counselings.

In promoting the Armed Forces Tea Party Patriots, Stein has raised the possibility of disobeying presidential orders.

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