Lakin update

MSNBC is reporting that the Army does intend a court-martial for LTC Lakin.

How interesting, and perhaps appropriate, American Thinker reports:

Army doctor Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin yesterday met with his brigade commander, Col. Gordon R. Roberts, who proceeded to read LTC Lakin his Miranda rights2_bing, and who informed LTC Lakin he had the "right to remain silent" because LTC Lakin is about to be charged with serious crimes. Col. Roberts was at age 19 awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, the only recipient of the nation’s highest honor currently on active duty in the Army.

This was in reference to the formal counseling given a number of days ago.  Although I’m not sure he was really read Miranda, more likely Article 31, UCMJ.  The piece concludes, with some cute hyperbole that:

A devoted physician and military officer may go to military prison, to protect the secrecy of the President’s original birth documentation held by the state government of Hawaii. The secrecy of the President’s paper trail may be about to gain a martyr.

The Colorado Independent has a piece on today’s developments, which includes this point:

Lakin spokesperson Hemenway appeared on the Peter Boyles radio show Monday. Hemenway and Boyles voiced support for Lakin in his “search for the truth” and looked forward to the “showdown” or what Boyles called a “reckoning” for the president.

I’m sorry, but does anyone know if the attorney’s representing LTC Lakin have any military law experience, or associated with someone who might have an inkling of military law?

And which lucky TDS attorney will get this case if there is an Article 32, UCMJ, hearing ordered – we know who you are?

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