Up periscope

SignOn San Diego reports:

As a young Coast Guard crewman goes on trial today for a child’s death, no officers from the Coast Guard’s San Diego sector have been formally faulted for a patrol boatoperation described as being in disarray before the 2009 crash.

And the 33-foot patrol boat model involved in the collision that killed 8-year-old Anthony DeWeese is still being used in 24 Coast Guard locations around the country, despite mounting evidence that it has a serious blind spot at moderate speeds.

Navy Times reports:

One of six sailors who died during physical training over the past 1½ years had already failed the body composition assessment — yet under current rules, the sailor had to take the physical readiness test.

If a proposed change to the Navy’s physical readiness program had been in place, that sailor would not have taken the PRT after failing the tape test.

So while that sailor might be out of the Navy, he or she might also be alive.

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