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There is an increasing disconnect between the “birther” movement and LTC Lakin’s case.  Hopefully that “wishy washy” attorney representing him will make that clear when pleading for mercy.

The Post&Email has been following LTC Lakin and most of the other presidential eligibility cases.  Recently they ran a piece about some “demonstrations” in Arizona in favor of Congress stepping in to stop the court-martial.  A recent comment had this to say which may qualify for a humor in military justice posting.

I very much hope that Miss Taitz is going to attend and somehow convinces LTC Lakin to fire that wishy washy attorney Neal Puckett and let her take over the case. I have listened to Puckett on a couple of radio shows and he is already giving up and saying Lakin will be found guilty. He will not even say that Obama is not eligible. Why Lakin hooked up with this loser I will never know. He must be getting bad advice from Ms Hemenway or Gen. Vallalley.

If Taitz were running this case she would challenge Judge Denise Lind from the get go and get her lying behind off the case. Puckett has said to WND that Lind is a great Judge and ruled correctly. I suspect Puckett is a paid plant who is doing his best to make sure Lakin is locked up for many years – at least as long as Obama is in office.

It would seem LTC Lakin’s supporters are equally uninformed about military law as they are about constitutional law.  That said, let’s hope the trial next week proceeds with the decorum expected in any court-room, let alone a military court-room.

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  1. SueDB says:

    Judge Lind impressed me as a no nonsense/no bull judge. I am sure she and her security staff can handle anything the Birfers either plan to do, or just acting like their usual unruly and rude/crude selves. They demonstrate very little respect for the military aside from trying to tear it down and prodding the military toward a coup.

    If you aren’t going to respect the military, then you have no business on base.

    Knowing the military, they will have a “plan” in case these folks should cause a scene. Since most of them get there late to make some type of stupid grand entrance, I bet the seats are fill well before they can show up. I am sure there will be a couple of those black Sububans parked out side along with a couple of black helicopters over
    Tipton (AAF) Field to fly those pesky patriots to Pennsylvania where whose boxcars specially modified with name engraved restraint rings recently added.

  2. Reality Check says:

    This comment is typical of the level of intelligence at the Post and Email. I think it is hard to overestimate the hope that the Birthers had for the Lakin case. After over 70 failures in the state and federal courts through various Birther lawsuits they were energized when LTC Lakin took the step of risking his career to push his bat guano crazy ideas. They seized upon this as the answer after over a year of complete failure. They were confident that Lakin’s sacrifice would “force the truth out of Obama”. Now that Neal Puckett has told them “not so fast my friend” they do not trust him. Of course, they are right not to trust him.

    Neal Puckett is no friend of the Birthers. I suspect he is generally politically aligned with Lakin. However, I think he also knows the Birthers are completely misguided. Puckett took this case with the idea he could lower expectations, get the members to find Lakin not guilty on the more serious charges, declare victory and move on with a good paycheck. I suspect Puckett will be doing a victory dance if Lakin gets away with a mere dismissal.

    So is Puckett just another parasite preying on Terry Lakin as were Paul Rolf Jensen and Ducky Hemenway? Lakin’s outcome will be better because he chose to hire Puckett. Puckett obviously understands military law the futility of the “birther” defense. He has said as much. Lakin is entitled to the best defense he can buy. I think Puckett is a wise purchase. It will be fun to watch him put on his show next week.

  3. mikeyes says:

    Here is another “editorial” by Arnie Rosner calling for mutiny and military coup: I wonder if he realizes what he is saying? I suspect he does as he just barely does not use the words “nilitary coup” in order to “preserve the Constitution.”

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