Update on the rapper

FoxNews reports that:

Hall, a soldier out of Fort Stewart in Georgia, recorded a rap song last July called “Stop Loss” after he was notified that his military contract was being extended. Army soldiers who are “stop-lossed” must complete additional tours of duty.

In his song, Hall raps about walking up to soldiers and “surprising them all” with 30 rounds set to a “three-round burst.” Another lyric says: “Still against the war / I grab my M4/ Spray and watch all the bodies hit the floor/ I bet you’ll never stop-loss nobody no more.”

He sent a copy to the Pentagon, posted it on his Web site and gave copies to soldiers in his unit.

In December, Jim Klimaski, of Klimaski & Associates, got a call from Hall, and he represented him in civilian court until last month. At the time, he was seeking a trial in the U.S. But that request was denied and now Hall is being held at Camp Arifajan in Kuwait awaiting a command decision on whether to go to trial.

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