Update on SEAL cases

Kate Wiltrout in the Virginia Pilot reports that the military judge has directed five defense witnesses be given immunity or the proceedings will be abated.

The case against a Navy SEAL accused of not protecting an alleged Iraqi terrorist took a major turn Friday when a military judge ordered that five key defense witnesses be granted immunity to testify on his behalf. If not, he warned, the case will be halted.

Here is an interesting comment on CAAFLogs post on this case.

JWS says:  March 13, 2010 at 12:40 pm (Quote)

There is another aspect that makes all this even more weird. I have changed my mind on this case because I have learned something new. Apparently two factual allegations are:

1. The assault was not at the arrest scene. These two Seals purposely went to the brig just to beat up the thug.  
2. They then falsely blamed the assault on the MAA at the brig.

If true, this is ugly. Now I see why Gen. Cleveland recommended mast. He was hoping to keep things quiet. And it also explains why the dug their heels in when a CM was demanded.

Anyone have information as to the validity of this?

satin-collapsable-tophat_sm tip CAAFLog.

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3 responses to “Update on SEAL cases”

  1. Viking says:

    Yep, had seen that part. But the new comment seems to provide more texture.

  2. TTC says:

    I believe that MG Cleveland’s letter to the Congressman states that the alleged assault was not a part of the arrest. I have not heard any credible version of the story that said that the assault was part of the arrest.

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